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Climate Change

The rapid warming of the planet threatens to destabilize human societies.
For many years the Houston area has benefited financially from being the "Petro Metro". Recent record-breaking rainfall events have made it clear that a continued dependence on fossil fuels is not sustainable. If you don't already think this is a high priority, ask Texas teenagers how important it is to them. Our expertise in energy puts us in a great position to be a world leader in renewable forms of energy. Texas energy policies should reflect and encourage this healthy and inevitable disruption to the status quo.
Texas is already a leader in wind energy, but we are seriously under-utilizing our vast sun-drenched potential. Our solar system has a "lone star", also known as the sun. To capitalize on that, Lone Star State communities and entrepreneurs need vigorous solar energy incentives. An even more under-used "source" of clean energy is science-guided energy conservation. Subsidizing urban mass transit and encouraging improved building insulation, to name just two examples, can make the energy transition easier. 

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