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Meet Richard

" Politics is an  extension of  medicine, or should be."

I was born in Rhode Island and then moved around a bit before  coming to Houston in 2008. I moved to Spain with my family when I was one year old, and attended American schools there until finishing high school. My middle-class parents were US government workers, Dad as a chemist, and Mom as a 1st-grade teacher. My first spoken language was Spanish but all my education has been in English.

I studied undergraduate geography at Indiana University, and then entered active duty in the US Naval Reserve. I served as a naval officer on two different ships and left with an honorable discharge.

I did medical school at Univ. of Connecticut, Family Medicine at Georgetown Univ., and Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins. I did extra studies in bariatric medicine. I have treated city folks in Washington DC, Baltimore and Houston, as well as country folks on Virginia's Eastern Shore. I am interested in many aspects of medicine, and recently got qualified to treat opioid addiction.

I was married once, and have no kids. I consider myself a secular humanist, but I find discussion and exploration of religious beliefs fascinating. I respect all faiths. 

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